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DLS-6 Light Duty Slotting Machine

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DLS-6 Light Duty Slotting Machine


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Technical Specifications

Model DLS-6
Stroke 10to150mm
Longitudinal Move. 200 mm
Cross Movement 110mm
Speed Adjustment 3 speed
Ram Adjustment 150 mm
H.P. 1 H.P
Column to RAM Dist. 210 mm
Table to RAM Dist. 310 mm
Packing dimensions (L X W X H) in INCHS 47 X 25 X 54
Weight (Aprox) 400 kgs


This model can produce slotting strokes from 10 to 150mm.
The longitudinal and cross movement for ranges about 200mm and 110 mm respectively.
The Ram adjustment is 150mm and the column to Ram distance is 210mm similarly table to Ram distance is 310 mm.
This equipment is made of rigid construction and it creates no vibration while machining.
It is made of fine grained and seasoned casting that makes the instrument work for long term application.


1 HP MOTOR, ON – OFF SWITCH , One railing set for electric motor, 1 pc 8 mm boring bar , Motor Pully

Optional Accessories

Rotary Table with 36 :1 Ration ( 250mm)
8″/200 mm True Chuck
Wooden Box Packing

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