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Lathe Machines

Grooving, turning, cutting, sanding, etc., to shape several material pieces in the desired shape is the basic job of a lathe machine. For performing the said operations and rotating the piece on the axis there are different kinds of lathe machines available with machine dock.

The Heavy Duty Lathe Machines used to produce high amount of pressure are mostly involved with big construction sites that regular lathes cannot be used for. Every operation involves factors like desired speed, depth and feed of the machine required for precise work. As selecting the right type to save money, time and efforts, our machine quality ensures better efficiency and best results.

The parts and cutting tools involved in a lathe machine making include;

Bed_ that holds chip and swarfs

Stand/legs_ holds the machine and elevates bed

Head stock_ holds the horizontal axle and has precision bearings

Spindleis the horizontal axle with interior and exterior threads so to mount the woodworking pieces

Tail stock_ has a non-rotating barrel that slides in and out in relation to the head stock spindle parallel to the bed’s axis

Cross-slide_ is a flat piece that sits crosswise on the bed

Carriage_ includes a saddle and an apron used to mount cross slide

Tool post_ holds the cutting tool that sits on the cross slide

Cutting tools like carbide tip tools, grooving, parting blade, boring bar, cut off blade and side tool all have been made with entrusted tested quality standards. And as the design, size, characteristics and tools of our machines vary their quality remains unaffected.

In addition, we ensure that the symmetry will always be proper as per the expectations of the buyers and they can query about our process and products from us anytime.

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