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Horizontal Band Saws

Metalworking horizontal band saws deliver long term reliability in its quality, durability and performance in work. At Daljit machines, we make first rated classy metalworking machines of wide range and sizes. The machine rides on two wheels that rotate on a same plane. These machines are highly in demand for all needs of favorable cuttings as in applications of engineering, automobile, forgings & so on. The machine features effectiveness of cutting material and provides ultimate levels of corrosion resistant, consistency, cost effectiveness and easy maintenance.

Its industrialized standards of quality have made it to offer superb performance with no trouble. The heavy duty saws have made it so easy to hold high capacity which seems like required in many industries’ proceedings.

Horizontal band saws cuts hardest metal with great power that also has a metal cooling system to keep the blade cool and lubricated.

A bandsaw machine is very quiet and an effective performing machinery to work on metals used for different tasks. The capacity of this machine is typically meant to make cuts on large work pieces.

These are used to make cuts in large pieces. Horizontal band saw machines are small in size. They are able to hold the work piece in place so the blade can cut through.

In addition, varied blades of these machines easily cut high powered metals in short period of time making it easier to cut stocks in a precise manner.

All our machines feature application–oriented machine base to provide solutions to everyday sawing operation. So buy band saw machines only from the experienced Machine dock that offers complete safe arrangements on them.

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Horizontal Band Saws

HB-250 C Manual Bandsaw Machine



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