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Shop jaw Chucks available at Daljit Machines in 3 and 4 jaw chuck versions useful in metalworking production made from superior quality material. Self-aligning 3 jaw chuck is a general type that best suited to grasp hex bar stock whereas the main aim of 4 jaw independent chuck, a specialized metalworking accessory with its with four independent jaws can be centered to high precision and supplies versatility to keep hold of rectangular stock as well as other non-cylindrical shapes.

The Chucks are made of special kinds of clamps in rotating nature which grip materials or tools together. 4 jaw chucks are different from 3 jaw chucks that holds square, round, hexadecimal shapes type work pieces in which the chunk wrench is used to adjust each chunk independently. Furthermore, reverse side of the diameter jaws are useful to seize hold of the superior work. Daljit Machines has mastered in offering brilliant quality of chucks to their clients.

10″(250 mm) 3 Jaw Self Centering Chuck(PREMIUM QUALITY ) WITH CE

100 mm Thru chuck

10” (250 mm) 4 Jaw Independent Chuck(PREMIUM QUALITY ) WITH CE

12″(300 mm) 3 Jaw Self Centering Chuck(PREMIUM QUALITY ) WITH CE

200 mm Thru chuck

250 mm Thru chuck

8 ” (200 mm)Thru Chuck (PREMIUM QUALITY ) WITH CE

Premium Gripping 3 Jaw Self Centring chuck

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