Types Of Press Machines And Ways To Choose The Best One Among The Lot

Jun 28, 2017


Press primarily represents a specified form of machine tool. It is essential for performing multiple industrial manufacturing procedures. This machine tool helps in delivering energy through force, which can act over a stroke or distance. One major application is going to be metal forging by the industrial manufacturing unit. The energy is used to close die and forging part within. These machine tools are used for applying force or energy to work in a different manner than drop hammers. Hammers are also part of machine tool but of a completely different kind. Forging is the only form of manufacturing process, which employs press.

More about the main machine:

The Press Machines are mainly used in sheet metal fabrication and metal extrusion processes and these are described to be primary machine tool. Mechanical and hydraulic presses are mainly added during formation of sheet metal. Presses are designed to be used in manufacturing multiple plastic parts. Some of the machining operations can further need the use of presses, such as in broaching.

Varying in size and force:

These presses tools are designed to vary in amount of force implied and size. The energy produced is often used to work on processes, which are in need of tremendous force. Some examples are large plastic deformation task of sizable metallic piece. Depending on the type of machine used, there will be a difference in nature and method of delivering energy.

Vertical presses are available:

You will come across vertical presses, as a type of machine. Here, the force vector is up and down, quite relative to the gravity. In some of the cases, these types are utilized in a horizontal manner. Here, the force is delivered in a perpendicular path to the direction of gravitational force. In case the force is exerted horizontally, vertically or in intermediate angle, then the working principles are same.

Two types are available:

In generic terms, Press Machines are available in two major types; mechanical presses and hydraulic presses. Depending on the manufacturing procedure, the machine press type varies. The first consideration has to be the basic process of such press tool.  For example, the one used for extrusion will have different general requirements when compared to the tool, used for pressing a sheet metal working.

The next factor to consider is the press capacity needed. The required capacity is related to size of work stock and the process type.

Other primary factors to consider:

Stroke length, over which the press is going to deliver force, is another factor to consider while choosing a machine. This needs to be related to basic process type, which has been employed. Going through these initial considerations will provide you with generic idea on the type of presses available and required for your job. The specified factors of such manufacturing procedure need to be weighed for determining best press tool. Other than hydraulic and mechanical press, you can even consider checking out functionality of crank press. Go through the detailed functionality first before planning to invest money on one.

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