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Shaper Machines

The popular Shaper Machines is effective working type of shaper cutting tool uses linear relative motion. It has the ram moves backwards and forwards across the workpiece to finish into flat surfaces. Shaper machines surface may be horizontal, vertical, inclined, concave/convex, angular that make grooves, slots, keyways, etc. Thus these machine tools easily attains any desirable shape. The Horizontal shaper type is the common arrangement to get plane surfaces of a work-piece. The ram in horizontal axis movement is converted into reciprocating movement  to achieve required successful cutting operation.

Shaper machine works on a single return crank mechanism that provides tool reciprocating motion. It has a base, column, saddle, clapper box, cross rail, reciprocating ram holding the tool adjustable for cutting stroke, tool head at front of the ram etc. In its mechanism, all these parts provide great flexibility in the work easily held. The working principle has the cutting work performed during stroke that forwards direction when work job is hold firmly on the table.

The machine offers higher load carrying capacity and great efficiency. Shaper machine provides flexibility and act as a convenient cutting tool to achieve wanted shape when cutting the work piece. In short, shaper machine consists of a tool reciprocal ram used for performing the cutting operation during the forward stroke. The ram adjusted so well for the strokes to machine straight flat surfaces.

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Shaper Machines

Shaper Machine 24″ Stroke

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